We manage your entire security officer program as one unified platform. Spanning the Globe, with the power of our network of over 50,000+ vetted worldwide partners.

Our unique system delivers a seamless experience that ensures each post is properly staffed and accurately tracked.

Supervisor Visits


Whether Managed or Direct, we believe that regular field inspections are critical. All supervisors are expected to conduct inspections and report their findings through their smartphones.

Supervisors are able to include pictures in their reports for documentation purposes.

On-Site Validation


Through its proprietary time and attendance system, we ensure every single shift begins and ends with a geolocated clock in/out that verifies the post position.

The result is multiple layers of efficiency that reduce total program costs and dramatically improve communication and accountability – thus providing the highest level of service.

Incident Reporting


Security Officers are your front line eyes and ears. Through our proprietary IVR system, officers are able to report incidents (including pictures), through their smartphones.

This process is easier for the officers and provides you with up to the minute accurate incident reporting. 

Unarmed Security Officers


A visible security presence with a uniformed, unarmed officer can diffuse situations before they begin, and quickly resolve security risks if they do arise.

Armed Security Officers


Carrying a weapon is a serious responsibility that requires extensive training. Rely on our knowledge of laws, insurance requirements.